About Us

Aportio Technologies specialises in IT and contact center service automation, using Artificial Intelligence to help IT and customer support teams radically improve their service experience.

Our team is laser focused on delivering the best of AI technologies, simply. Unencumbered by legacy technologies, Aportio provides tools and plug-ins using APIs to enhance the functionality of a wide-range of service management systems, without compromising functionality and without the cost and effort of large system upgrades.

The Aportio team is made up of proven business leaders, service delivery experts and best in class technical people who have local and global experience.

We are passionate about delivering the benefits of disruptive technologies without unnecessary process or bureaucracy.

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Scott Green


Scott has been leading and growing profitable businesses in the IT industry for more than 30 years.

He brings extensive experience in securing and delivering significant new IT outsource contracts, building and retaining motivated teams, nurturing new divisions and services.

Scott was inducted into the NZ Reseller News Hall of Fame in 2015.

Scott drives sales and Aportio’s strategic vision.

Susan Nemeth


An experienced leader with a proven track record in developing high performing cultures to grow business value.

Susan brings over 30 years’ experience leading IT and finance teams, bank financing, treasury management, M&A investor relations and governance.

Susan leads customer experience, marketing and the commercial & financial functions at Aportio.

Craig Porter

Principal Architect

An automation technologist with 25 years’ experience of design, build, integration and implementation across technical operations and service management.

Craig is an ITL certified architect and technical specialist experienced in the design and implementation of some of the most complex Microsoft solutions, including the UK’s NHS ‘National Programme for IT’ and British Telecoms Vision service.

Craig leads our architecture and engineering teams and is responsible for backend architecture/ infrastructure.

Chong Looi

Chief Digital Officer

Chong has a background in IT services, IT Outsourcing and cloud products. Drawing on 30 years’ experience in the UK and NZ, Chong has strong operational and strategic insight and domain expertise across service management and transformative cloud platforms.

Chong manages the product roadmap and security and leads the product development and product marketing teams at Aportio.