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Aportio specialises in Customer Service Centre and IT Help desk service automation. Using AI we help customer support teams to radically improve their service experience.

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We are passionate about delivering the benefits of disruptive technologies without unnecessary process or bureaucracy.

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Our team is laser-focused on delivering the best of AI technologies, simply. Unencumbered by legacy technologies, Aportio provides tools and plug-ins using APIs to enhance the functionality of a wide range of service management systems, without compromising functionality and without the cost and effort of large system upgrades. The Aportio team is made up of proven business leaders, service delivery experts and best in class technical people who have local and global experience.

Scott Green


I have been working in the IT industry for over 35 years. I understand what makes for successful customer experiences, and having been a senior leader of these businesses, know the pressures and compromises that every customer-facing organisation faces.I was inducted in the NZ Reseller News Hall of Fame in 2015 in recognition of these experiences. I am passionate about Aportio delivering great value to our customers. Aportio’s sustainable success means we can make an enduring difference to our customers, our stakeholders, and to the broader community in which we live. If they succeed with our help, then we can’t help but be successful. I am responsible for our overall customer growth and acquisition, and the overall vision and direction for the business and our products.

Susan Nemeth


I am excited by the opportunity of taking Aportio’s capabilities to the global customer service center market – and beyond. I am an experienced people leader and executive, with a track record of building great businesses. I have worked in large global and small local businesses. I have worked for outsourced service providers and software companies, assessing and implementing new technologies. I have also worked for their customers – so I ensure that the voice of the end customer is heard. Leading both IT and finance teams, I have experience in bank financing, treasury management, M&A, investor relations and governance. Working closely with Scott on sales pursuits, I lead customer experience, marketing, and the commercial & financial functions at Aportio.

Craig Porter

Principal Architect

I am an automation technologist with 25 years’ experience of design, build, integration and implementation across technical operations and service management. I am an ITL certified architect and technical specialist experienced in the design and implementation of some of the most complex Microsoft solutions, including the UK’s NHS ‘National Programme for IT’ and British Telecoms Vision service. I am excited about bringing these skills to Aportio to provide our customers with an innovative, world class solution to problems I have had to deal with in past roles. I am responsible for making sure our backend architecture/ infrastructure is secure and easily scalable.