Aportio is on a mission to help IT teams so they can work smarter, not harder, to deliver outstanding results to their users. We can do that through our products like InboxAgent; but also by introducing you to other ideas that we think you will be interested in – like Big5 – created by Base2.
Aportio and Base2 team up to give you some insights into how you can engage your teams better.

Aportio webinar Engaging your teams on 26 May 2020 at 12:00 – 12:45 NZT
(10:00 – 10:45am AEST).

Scott Green from Aportio and Greg Sharp from Base2 discuss how you can achieve better focus and employee engagement, simply and easily.

The idea of focusing on top priorities is very close to our hearts. It is the reasoning behind InboxAgent which gives service desk agents time in their day to focus on the things that really matter. But implementing time saving tools for your team is only part of the story.

Engaging them so that they are focused on the right things in that extra time is a challenge – whether they are sitting next to you or working remotely. We at Aportio like Big5 because it is simple and clear, can be easily used in a remote team situation, and does not add a bunch of admin. We think Big5 is tool that can help you too.

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