Frequently Asked Questions

How are emails classified?

Aportio combines a range of technologies such as natural processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI). While some solutions focus on one method, Aportio layers different methodologies including key words, word clouds, context analysis, cluster analysis and advanced AI models. Uniquely, Aportio can clean emails of unnecessary images and text before analysing or categorising, avoiding the bias found in many other approaches. This means we categorise and analyse only relevant text to achieve higher levels of accuracy.

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How long does it take to set up?

We can start providing you insights about your emails within 48 hours of you providing us with a PST file with historical emails.

If you are using our existing classifications, once we have finalised your personalised requirements document, we can start classifying and logging your emails in one or two days (depending on the complexity of the configuration you require). You would normally test for a week or two before going live

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Where are the emails processed?

InboxAgent customers relay email from their support mailbox(es) to a dedicated SMTP address managed by Aportio at a mail service designated to best suit the customer’s data sovereignty requirement and email volumes.

A second mail service is configured for each customer to provide redundancy in the event or disruption at the primary mail service. Aportio enhances the standard TLS1.2 security further by requesting that MSPs include a custom authentication header in the relayed email. This attribute contains a token unique to each customer and must be present for Aportio to process the email.

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What PSA system do we connect to?

Aportio currently integrates with popular ITSM systems including ServiceNow, Autotask, ManageEngine and Ivanti.

Integrations in the pipeline include Fresh (Freshdesk/FreshService), ConnectWise, SalesForce and Zendesk.

Generic Restful APIs are published to enable 3rd parties to integrate Aportio solutions into their service management, or CRM systems.

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Is my data secure?

Aportio’s security compliance program and solution architecture has been independently certified as being in line with ISO27001 security best practice. The service has been designed to apply high standards of security for data in transit and at rest. Any customer specific data is isolated and encrypted – so cannot be contaminated.

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