InboxAgent is a seamless plug-in to your service management system.

Quick and simple to deploy, it is low risk, provides immediate ROI and frees up
a service desk team to spend more time on customers tackling their support issues

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InboxAgent gives you back time in your day and allows you to focus on users

Unique AI tool reads incoming emails

“I want to focus on things that really make a difference for our users and customers”

  • Automatically sends to correct destination
  • Ticket is automatically classified  and assigned to the right expert, ancillary info added
  • Removes “noise” (e.g. social media tags, disclaimers etc)
  • De-duplicates multiple messages and prevents all those false positives other parsers create
  • Can trigger other automated responses

InboxAgent takes away the boring tasks so you can spend more time on what you are good at – solving your users’ and customers’ complex needs.

Easy to get going and ROI is immediate

“I want a low risk and non-disruptive way to make my job easier.”

  • Easy to install – can be up and running in days
  • Integrates seamlessly with many systems
  • No negative customer impact
  • New features will increase value
  • Security – ISO27001:13 compliant practices

InboxAgent gives back time in your day!

ROI is immediate.

You can invest the hours you have gained into delivering better outcomes for your customers.

It will make you
look good

“I want to show my customers/users that we innovate to improve business performance and user outcomes at the same time.”

  • You’ll be seen as innovative
  • You’ll be proud
  • Saves time and increases the productivity of your team
  • Over 95% accuracy in automated classification and assignment (Conditions Apply)

InboxAgent is the only tool to include an SLA around classification accuracy.


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How it works

Pre-processing and preparation

User sends emails to your normal support email, which redirects to a secure Aportio end-point

Identification occurs

The email is cleansed of unnecessary/ algorithm distorting text and processed using an AI/ML algorithm

What if it can’t be categorized?

Any uncategorized emails are redirected to a human mentor for classification

Automation Triggers

Email is categorized and classified and a range of automations are triggered

Tickets are Created

Service desk ticket is created, along with changes in other back-end systems

Understanding Classifiers

Supported Connectivity

We currently support connection to the following ITSM/PSA systems of service

And many more connectors coming!

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