Second Level Automation

Applications for this system

Having recognized whether a request is an incident or service request, some customers may want further sub-classifications, i.e. automation of a second level classification.

Aportio is developing and extending standard classifiers to deal with common IT request types. These are being progressively created and deployed and provide opportunities for service providers to further refine how they action common requests from customers.

Common Second Level Classifiers

ClassifierNature of questionPotential response
*User configurationI want to add, change or remove a user or their system access rightspresent a form to capture information
*Distribution listsI want to add or change email distribution lists and membershipspresent a list of clarifying questions
*Email diagnosticI have a problem with accessing email or mailboxespresent a list of knowledge article links
Password resetI have a login or password related issue that requires a password resetAsk for user email address and mobile to authenticate user
Network diagnosticI have a network access or network performance problemclarifying questions on extent of impact, and when issue started
Email changesI want to add or change user access rights to email or mailboxespresent a pick list of common options
Mail security managementI want to black or white list email addresses or release or quarantine emailstrigger a 3rd party application to select/release/action
Application rightsI want to add new access rights to an applicationpresent a list of clarifying questions
ProcurementI want to buy a new device of some sortassign to a product procurement team to action

*Available in standard Level 2 configurations. Ask us for a quote for other L2 classifiers.

Combining multiple classifications into powerful solutions

A hybrid approach example uses:

  • conditional constants (e.g. a persons job title)
  • regular expressions (e.g. a specific service name)
  • heuristics (related word patterns)
  • NLP sentiment analysis (emotion). The email is tagged with the appropriate classification using:

The InboxAgent solution combines Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning with one or more trained other techniques to classify and action emails.