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Per month per email
$50 / month minimum fee
billed annually*
Perfected for Small Teams

Get InboxAgent Lite
  • Redirects email to a secure endpoint.
  • Whitelists or blacklists emails/domains.

  • Declutters unnecessary text, images, and repeated email threads.

  • Avoids duplication of tickets for related emails.

  • Associates updates with the correct ticket.

  • Assigns elevated priority to tickets.

  • Creates ITSM ticket.



Per month per email
$500 / month minimum fee
billed annually*
Perfected for Enterprises

Get InboxAgent Enterprise
  • All InboxAgent Lite features, PLUS:
  • Uses AI model to classify email conversations into Incident or Service Request 85%+ accuracy.

  • Mentor function to manage unknowns and learn.

  • Used by single organisation only.

Service Provider


Per month per email
$650 / month minimum fee
billed annually*
Perfected for service providers
with more than one customer

Get InboxAgent Service Provider
  • All InboxAgent Enterprise features, PLUS:

  • Associates emails to the right customer when more than one customer exists.

  • Uses ‘To’ and ‘From’ addresses to direct tickets to the right default customer.

  • Manages emails from non-customer 3rd parties such as vendors.

  • Used by organisations serving multiple customers/companies.

*Overages billed monthly


Add Level 2 Automation

$0.15USD /
email processed / month

For each second level classifier*
Minimum $350USD / month
billed monthly

  • Prioritize on business rules.

  • Recognize unique event types.

  • Combine multiple classification approaches in a hybrid model (e.g. Rapid hand-off to 3rd parties).

  • Trigger new user process.

*Click here for more information about available classifiers

Talk to us about Level 2

Add System Generated Emails

$0.15USD /
email processed / month

Minimum $250USD / month
billed monthly

  • Classify emails with structured content.

  • Process rules for specific email addresses (e.g. 3rd party outage notifications).

  • Process vendor renewal notifications.

  • Process system logs/alerts.

*Click here for more information about System Generated Emails

Talk to us about system generated

Add AI Web Chat & Forms

ASK us for a package

  • Driven by an optimised mix of AI & natural language

  • Drive usage of other multichannel investments.

  • Process business logic combining multiple steps, across multiple systems.

  • Redirect common requests to other on-line services+.

  • Present knowledge articles.

  • Invoke specific automations.

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