Save hours of wasted time reading and logging Service Desk tickets

Six top reasons to use AI powered InboxAgent
  1. More accurate and consistent email categorisation means no more manual processing of emails
  2. Emails are converted and quickly logged into your ITSM tool so you can nail that email response SLA!
  3. It's quick and easy to get started - we'll have you up and running in around 1 week (for standard setup)
  4. An affordable service, securely hosted in the cloud
  5. Its flexibility means it can model numerous, customizable business processes
  6. Improves your operations and improves customer experience
How InboxAgent works
  1. After training, the AI will read an email and understand if it is an incident or service request. The machine learning nature of InboxAgent means it can understand spelling mistakes and complex requests that other automated parsers aren’t able to cope with.
  2. Inbox agent will categorise emails, then log a ticket with correct category via API into your ticketing or event tracking system ready for resolution.  It can also trigger other automated responses.

AI Email parser - benefits beyond cost savings

Simplify your service management process

Avoid the hassle of having to read and categorise emails and the laborious task of copy and paste to create tickets. De-risk the achievement of your email response SLA

Increase job satisfaction

We all come into work to do a good job, good work isn’t logging and categorising emails, it’s about having time to delight customers.

Increase productivity

Your team will spend time on resolving issues and fulfilling requests, not copy and pasting text.

Get on board quickly

Start with our base set of rules and then train and personalise the Ai with your existing datasets of emails.

Ready to get started?