AI powered virtual support agent

Your customer service team and subject matter experts need instant access to information to provide great customer experiences. QueueAgent is an AI powered virtual support assistant that ensures your team can quickly find the information, processes or answers they require.

QueueAgent transforms how you interact with your employees and customers by offering an engaging, conversational self-service experience that can provide answers and take action.

QueueAgent is scalable and can be customised to fit your specific business needs and brand.

Many businesses have made big investments in technology systems and automation, yet they aren’t getting the full benefit of this.  That’s because users don’t find it easy to access and use.   

QueueAgent has been designed specifically to resolve queries and trigger fulfilment through a single easy to use interface of natural language. It does this by accessing all existing business processes, workflow, automation and knowledge articles to connect the user with the right answer or process.   

That means business can finally get the full benefit of the IT automation and knowledge they have in existence now.   

It's fast and simple to get started

Already trained with domain expertise in Service Management processes, QueueAgent is ready to go, without the initial substantial cost of the initial teaching and investment most other solutions require. It is pre-configured and pre-populated with common service scenarios and integrates with your existing systems - you can see service improvements fast!

QueueAgent is unique and more than a chatbot!

QueueAgent is built ground up from AI technology to transform the service experience offered to customers. It is pre-programmed to understand common IT queries and uses natural language processing so it understands language, not just commands and doesn’t require a user to know how to navigate an unintuitive app.  QueueAgent also uses machine learning to continuously get smarter as it learns from the conversations it has with people.

Customers engage on their terms from today’s most popular client devices

QueueAgent lets you engage with your customers using web, chat and messaging channels and easily connects to back end systems and service provider knowledge articles. Messaging integration and automation of digital interactions, utilising Chat Bot and Natural Language Processing (NLP), delivers immediate self-service capabilities, when integrated, to your customers.

QueueAgent is always Learning

QueueAgent is a self-learning software system that understand the human language. Logging every interaction and storing information for instant access, it can tap into relevant data 24 hours a day and take on even more service tasks over time.

One simple fully integrated platform

Living inside the AWS Cloud, QueueAgent connects easily to back end systems and service provider knowledge articles.