Say goodbye to the headache of cluttered inboxes & slow customer service
Ensure that questions are routed to the right agent with effortless automation of enquiries, seamless integration with trusted Email channels, and efficient kick-off of workflow resolutions. Instantly identify trends for service improvement.

An essential tool for enhancing customer support.
Integrating the latest in Generative AI? Of Course!
Want to know how we are integrating the very latest in conversation categorization and summarization using tools like ChatGPT? Request our paper that runs through what’s available RIGHT NOW!
Make email a great experience for your customers
Email is a fantastic channel for customers to contact you, because they can do it in their own time, and they can give you lots of information. Email just needed modernization.

Using InboxAgent, customers receive a modern email experience.
Agents focus on the topics they are best-suited to solve
Customers receive meaningful responses
Problems can be solved automatically through workflows or knowledgebases
Yes! You can lower your cost to serve AND make customers happier
It takes 2-4 minutes to triage an email query, categorizing it and getting it to the right person. With InboxAgent, you can automatically:
Get missing information from the user
Sift out automated emails you don’t need to look at
Kick off a workflow that is already in your ITSM
All without human intervention.
Truly, deeply, understand what your customers are saying to you
Email is a great tool because your customers will tell it like it is, and more!

By analyzing the topics, urgency, and sentiment of customer emails, you get a better understanding of how your products or services are perceived by your customers and make improvements where necessary - improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With InboxAgent you get consistent classification of the reasons your customers contact you. You see trends in contact reasons, drivers of dissatisfaction, and common requests over time so you can reliably measure the results of your efforts to improve your product or services.
What our customers say
“We have recently implemented Aportio to reduce the noise coming into our support desk … see how it can help your team”
Tim - Managing Director
“With InboxAgent I have effectively acquired another full-time staff member!”
Dan - Chief Information Officer
“Implementation took only a couple of days ... It saves us 40% of our billing time”
Nicole - Head of Business Operations
“Worked a treat for us ... saving several peoples worth of work :-)”
Richard - GM Strategy
“Our service desk staff have asked us to promise that we won't take it away!”
Cory - Service Specialist, Client Delivery
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