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Intelligent Conversation Insights and Management for Customer Service Centres & IT Help Desks

InboxAgent uses AI to analyse text-based conversations with customers. Providing actionable insights into what customers are really saying.

InboxAgent also classifies, logs and intitiates automated resolution freeing up agents so they can focus on serving customers.

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Benefits of Aportio’s InboxAgent

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Emails remain a highly popular method of communication for many customers

The volume of emails that Customer Service Centres receive daily often poses a mammoth task in managing expectations and providing excellent service to clients. It is hard to keep up with these volumes, which often results in manually intensive, slow, and error-prone feedback.

Aportio InboxAgent is a unique AI tool that reads and analyses your incoming emails, and provides you with real insights that show what your customers are saying. This allows your agents time so that they can focus on what really matters – serving customers.

InboxAgent also classifies the emails to be logged into your CRM intelligently, automatically assigning them to the right team and initiating automated actions. It is easy to install and integrates with other channels and knowledge bases.

Agents and staff can focus on value add activities and solving problems for their customers faster. In turn, managers receive insights into what customers are saying. This allows resolver groups to process information faster and fix the problems at the source quicker.

InboxAgent Actions

InboxAgent manages your incoming emails so you do not have to.

Reduces work, eliminates mundane tasks, correctly & consistently logs emails, for faster resolution and reduced average handling time.

  • classifies, declutters, deduplicates and routes
  • creates entries in the system of record, triages, forwards to resolver groups or initiates automated actions
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InboxAgent Email Insights

Aportio InboxAgent uses artificial intelligence to gather insights about your incoming emails that will allow your agents to know what your customers are really saying. InboxAgent insights drive product & service efficiencies, improve communication with customers, identify automation opportunities and monitor trends.

  • clear visuals make it easy to take the right action
  • understand what matters to customers
  • how they are asking, how often, why and when
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InboxAgent Conversation Insights

Aportio’s analytics engine now provides feedback for text-based conversations in addition to email. Using the technology that enables us to achieve outstanding accuracy levels in email, Aportio now provides analytics so you can understand what customers are saying in other channels.

  • simply upload the text of the conversation and receive insights on what your customers are saying
  • understand the interconnections between intent, topic, sentiment and urgency
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About Aportio Technologies

Aportio specialises in customer service centre and IT help desk automation, using artificial intelligence to help teams to radically improve the service experience for customers

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Free time up for agents to serve customers

InboxAgent uses AI to analyse customer emails.  It classifies, logs and initiates automated resolution.


Declutter email to focus on the content that impacts service


Retain conversations for service improvement and compliance purposes


Turn unstructured data into structured insights


Identify service trends, issues and improvement opportunities


Launch rules to manage and resolve conversations automatically

Understanding Classifiers
"User email requests are now automatically handled by artificial intelligence, in real-time"
"With InboxAgent I have effectively acquired another full-time staff member at almost no cost, because it's taking care of the mundane task of logging requests"
"Tickets automatically classified and assigned to the right expert. 96% accuracy in automated assessment, classification & assignment."
"After only the initial deployment, we have already been able to redirect 2 staff to value-add activities"
"Our service desk staff have asked us to promise that we won't take it away"
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Why Aportio’s Inbox Agent?

InboxAgent uses a range of technologies, uniquely stripping emails of unnecessary images and text, to achieve high levels of accuracy

Channel of choice

Customers get to use email rather than being forced to other forms of communication.

Rich data source

Email is a rich source of information about customer preferences and views. InboxAgent reads and analyses the email before logging a ticket or case so that the conversation can be analysed.

Cleansed emails

Emails are cleansed of unnecessary images and text.  This makes it easier to manage once logged.  Uniquely, InboxAgent’s ability to strip unnecessary text means that unexpected bias is not introduced to the classification or the analysis.

Improved accuracy

By combining new technologies, InboxAgent achieves higher levels of consistency and accuracy of classification compared to other methods, including humans.

Reduced duplication

InboxAgent associates email conversations, reducing the duplication which many other solutions create in error.

Deep insights

By understanding email content, companies are able to focus on fixing the product or service features that most matter to their customers.

Handovers & triggers

Emails can trigger automations, be forwarded to the right resolver group and link to other channels such as bots, portals & knowledge-bases; without human intervention.

Easy plug-in

InboxAgent is an easy plug-in to CRM or ITSM systems, so no need for costly system upgrades.

Trend analysis

With customised reports which provide analysis over time and across different metrics, InboxAgent provides depth of understanding as you business changes

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