Lower your IT service desk costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Aportio are a high-tech company of business innovators, technical specialists and IT service experts, transforming the way service operations are delivered. We use disruptive technologies to help IT service provider teams deliver better service experiences to their staff, colleagues and customers.

Chatbots and cognitive AI technologies such as natural language processing, natural language understanding and machine learning are transforming the service industry. Businesses that adapt and leverage these new technologies will gain a competitive advantage by keeping pace with escalating customer expectations while optimising service operations.

Businesses using Aportio’s products can grow and compete better by having access to the latest that technology has to offer without the risk and high cost many transformation projects incur.



Email Ticket Automation

Automatically classify and convert customer emails into tickets.

AI powered email parsing and automated ticketing saves hours of wasted labour reading and logging Service Desk tickets. InboxAgent will read an email, understand if it is an incident or service request, then categorize the email and log a ticket via API into your ITSM system ready for resolution. When used with QueueAgent, users can interactively self–serve, and the benefits compound.


Ticket Triage Assistant

A virtual support agent, ready to provide answers and take action.

QueueAgent is a virtual support agent that delivers an end to end conversational experience for customers and employees. Unlike so many ‘chatbots’ QueueAgent is immediately intelligent from day one and available on an economic subscription basis. Using cognitive AI technologies QueueAgent continues to learn independently and grow with you.

Delivering Fast Business Value


Customers engage in conversational terms and AVA, when integrated with systems of fulfillment, will provide the end to end process of resolving IT requests quickly and efficiently every time, any time of the day.


Scale your business efficiently and decrease operational costs by automating high volume routine tasks with a 24x7x365 always available, never sick virtual support.


AVA learns on the job and never forgets. Common processes are automated, with the ability to complete back-office requests by connecting with systems of fulfillment to provide resolution using knowledge articles, FAQ's and in-cloud or on-prem existing automation. 


Leave the repetitive and routine service requests to your automated workforce. Let your team do what they do best, focusing on high value tasks and customers.


DDS IT rolls out InboxAgent

DDS IT rolls out Aportio’s AI agent for service-desk email DDS has deployed InboxAgent which is built on Amazon Web Services and uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to ease service desk management workloads. DDS IT CEO Simon Browne said the launch of the new service is the culmination of an extensive internal validation […]

Aportio’s Alex Manson, winner in Technical category at 2019 30 Under 30 Tech Awards.

Reseller News has honoured the most outstanding young leaders to emerge in the New Zealand IT industry at the 2019 30 Under 30 Tech Awards. Held at the Cordis Hotel in Auckland, the awards recognised the achievements of 30 talented individuals who consistently go the extra mile in their daily working lives. The winners were […]

Aportio on hand as ConnectWise specialist start-up lands in Australia

Cognition360 targets MSPs with AI, machine learning and analytics offering Cognition360, a specialist data warehouse start-up built for the ConnectWise platform, has launched in Australia in partnership with Aportio Technologies. Founded in 2015, the US-based business operates as an artificial intelligence (AI) enabled business analytics platform, available exclusively to ConnectWise managed service providers (MSPs). The Australian […]

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"Over 70% of service provider AI decision makers surveyed say that 85% of customer interactions will be with software robots or chatbots in five years’ time. 65% fear they are lagging behind their competitors in the use of AI to improve the customer experience." Gartner