InboxAgent Insights

InboxAgent drive product & service efficiencies, improve communication with customers, identify automation opportunities and monitor trends.

Businesses need insights that help improve customer experience

Clear visuals make it easy to take the right action. Understand what matters to customers, how they are asking, how often, why, and when. Businesses need to understand clearly why customers email: the sentiment, whether it is due to a failure earlier in the channel; how often the same problem is repeated. It is so important to understanding customers and their behaviour.

With Aportio, you can finally understand email demand; how to reduce demand by focusing on resolving the underlying issue; and measures that matter to your customers. In turn, you can reduce the overall cost to serve without shifting customers to another channel.

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Customer satisfaction driven by better understanding of customer’s needs

InboxAgent recognises that emails are a rich source of information about customer preferences and views

Aportio’s InboxAgent is a unique AI tool that reads and analyses incoming emails from customers and turns it into real insights about what customers are thinking.  InboxAgent reporting focuses on the themes which help you understand why your customers are emailing you – getting to the right resolver group faster so they can fix the customer’s problem and get to the root cause.

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Smarter than your average call centre

A guide for IT leaders on using AI to optimise the email channel in contact centres

Find out how to free up time for your customer service agents with artificial intelligence in your email channel so they can better focus on customers’ complex needs.

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